About Us

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Who Are We?

How we were.

How we were.

Founded in 1913 by the Presbyterian Church, Iona College has only ever been a purpose built school for girls with a sound and liberal educational philosophy that places young women at the centre of learning.  With a capped roll of 270 students – 156 boarders and 114 daygirls – Iona provides a caring environment in which students of all faiths can live, learn and achieve.

Iona’s vision is Pursuing Personal Best.  This is a recognition of the individuality of every student who attends our school and also that every student has an obligation to be all that she is capable of becoming.  Our students are encouraged to develop in a holistic way and appreciate that the academic, sporting, cultural, pastoral and spiritual elements of an education at Iona all combine to help develop the individual.  This requires active involvement by both staff and students to identify and focus on personal improvement, compared with previous best, and the acknowledgement that this process is ongoing.

Students enrol at Year 7 or Year 9 from a wide range of schools.  In a typical year the students come from a great variety of different schools.  This means that the group of students beginning at Year 7 and Year 9 are very diverse with a wide range of experiences.

There is high demand for places at Iona College and selection is made according to the Enrolment Scheme.

Feedback from students and their parents indicates that they select Iona College as their preferred school for the following reasons:

  • High expectations and standards
  • Small class sizes
  • Family association with school
  • Special Character
  • Student numbers – 270
  • Co-curricular opportunities
  • Educational philosophy
  • Friendly, positive atmosphere
  • Individual strengths and needs celebrated and supported.