Counting down to the Centenary

                                                                NOVEMBER 100 YEARS AGO
It was on November 9, 1911 that the Presbyterian Church, at its General Assembly in Dunedin received an offer from Mr H. H. Campbell (representative elder from Hastings) on behalf of Mr Hugh Campbell of Breadalbane, of a piece of land, almost seven acres in extent at Havelock North as a site for a Presbyterian Ladies’ College. The Rev. A Whyte, seconded by the Rev. A Grant, moved that the Assembly express its gratitude to Mr Campbell for his munificent gift and appoint a committee, with the Rev. A Grant as convenor, to consider the matter and report to a later sederunt.
On November 11, the committee reconvened and recommended to the Assembly that it accept Mr Campbell’s offer. A permanent committee was appointed, consisting of fourteen Ministers and five Elders, representing the national church.
On November 30, the Committee met with Mr Hugh Campbell at First Church in Dunedin. This meeting began with devotions, readings from Deuteronomy 6:1-9, 2 Timothy 1:1-6, Proverbs 30:10 & 30 and prayer for Divine blessing. It was at this meeting that Rev A. Cameron stated that he had received correspondence from Miss Isabel Fraser two years earlier offering her services to the church. He was directed to reply to Miss Fraser. members of the Committee were asked to arrange for the raising of money so that the school might begin within a year.
# In our archives we have the Minute Book of the Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Havelock North. We also have a copy of Miss Fraser’s letter to Rev. Cameron.