December 1912

 The Presbyterian Church Assembly of November 1912 appointed an EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE in whose hands were placed the practical matters associated with the development of “Iona” Presbyterian Girls’ College. Local Ministers and Elders featured on this Committee. General Committee Conveners, Revs Paterson and Grant, remained with Ministers J. Gibb, [Wellington] and A. Whyte, [Dunedin]. Revs J. Asher, [Napier], P. Ramsay [Hastings], R. Waugh, [Havelock North] were added to the Executive. General Committee Elders, J. Aitken [Wellington] and H.M. Campbell [Hastings] were joined by J. McKerrow, R.McNab, G.Troup, W. McCullough, W. Couper, A. McLean, H. McKenzie and T.Bain. This Committee met monthly and its business is recorded in the Presbyterian Ladies’ College Minute Book.

At the Executive Committee’s first meeting, held at St Andrew’s Church in Hastings on December 5th, 1912, practicalities were to the fore. Hugh Campbell expressed his readiness to transfer the site as soon as the Committee was in a position to take steps to build. Archibald McLean was appointed Treasurer and instructed to open a bank account with the bank of his choice. Rev Asher moved that Miss Fraser’s address to November’s Assembly be printed and distributed. Committee members were exhorted to canvass the district for subscriptions.

 Mr Hugh Campbell of Breadalbane –Generous donor of the land on which the Presbyterian Ladies’ College was to be built