March-April 1913

March – April, 1913.

Business before the Executive Committee meeting of March 26th, 1913 included an examination of the financial situation. There was some thought given to the idea of completing the building in stages. About £3000 was in hand or promised. Mr Grant offered to spend three months collecting subscriptions. The Committee considered the six tenders which had been submitted for the construction of the school. Messrs Smith and Smith of Napier won the contract with the lowest tender of £11,763, on the condition that they were prepared to take the first portion of the contract at a pro rata rate equivalent to their tender. At this point the Committee cabled Miss Fraser, who was in England preparing for this ‘school-to- be’ with the instruction: ‘proceed’.

The meeting adjourned until March 28th, when Smith and Smith’s tender for the first stage of the building was accepted, as was Miss Fraser’s £200 for debentures. Messrs Campbell, Couper and McLean were appointed as Presbyterian Church Trustees. Messrs Carlyle, McLean, Scannel and Wood were appointed as Solicitors. The architects (Rush & James) were authorised to employ a clerk of works at no more than £4:10 per week. May 14 was set as the date for the laying of the Foundation Stone and arrangements for the Ceremony were discussed.

At the meeting of April 24 Rev Waugh reported that the Trustees had signed the contract for the erection of the building. It was agreed to have a telephone laid on to the building site, at the architects’ request.

Details of the wording on the Foundation Stone itself were agreed upon.