September 1912

  September 100 Years Ago: Support for a Ladies College – from Auckland

Hard on the heels of Rev Alexander Whyte’s appeal of August, 1912 Rev G.B. Monro, ex-Moderator of the General Assembly and a member of the General Committee looking into the establishment of a Presbyterian Ladies’ College wrote the following in ‘The Outlook’ of September 24, 1912:

‘A Crying Necessity’: I would respectfully suggest ………that parents who can afford to send their daughters to a college …………. should be asked to send them to Hawke’s Bay. The generosity shown in the gift of such a suitable and valuable site, and the fact that Miss Fraser has consented to be principal of the college, should influence Presbyterians in their decision as to what college their daughters should attend. There should be no difficulty in securing funds to erect such a college if the Assembly would appoint someone to visit the various congregations throughout the dominion and solicit contributions for this laudable project.

Miss Mary Isabel Fraser graduated M.A. Hons (Physics) from the University of Otago in 1889.