College Trustees

The Trustees represent the proprietors and are appointed by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and are responsible for defining, preserving and administering the Special Character of Iona College.

The Trustees are:  Mrs Pauline Campbell, Miss Jo McGlashan and Rev. Colin English

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are the controlling authority of the school and are responsible for all educational governance matters.

The members are:

Mrs Lisa Townshend (Chairman/Parent Rep) Mrs Sharon Mason (Parent Rep)
Mrs Kerry Tattersall (Parent Rep) Mr Angus Mabin (Proprietor’s Rep)
Mrs Jay Jones (Staff Rep) Mrs Lesley Mawley (Co-opted/Business Manager)
Miss Sophia Lourie (Student Rep) Miss Jo McGlashan (Proprietor’s Rep)
Mrs Shannon Warren(Principal) Mr Simon Wilton (Parent Rep)
 Mrs Sue Nimon (Parent Rep)  

Annual Report

The College Council

The College Council are the school’s proprietors.  They own the school land and buildings and are responsible for supervising the maintenance and preservation of education with a Special Character provided by the school.

The Board of Proprietors are:

Mr Angus Mabin (Chairman) Mr Stephen Daysh
Mr Brent Greig Mrs Sally Cranswick
Mrs Pauline Campbell Mr Tony Mossman
Mrs Anne McLeod Mrs Sue Nimon
Miss Jo McGlashan Rev. Colin English
 Mrs Penny Manahi  Mrs Lisa Townshend

Parents and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association are a very active body within the school.  All parents are encouraged to be members. Please contact Mrs Vicki Pilbrow the PFA president by clicking here.

College Foundation

The Iona College Foundation administers a trust fund for the educational purposes  for the benefit of the College.  As of 31 March 2013, the Foundation members are Mr Gerard K Bryant, Mrs Pauline Campbell, Mr Colin Crombie, Mrs Railene Mabin, Ms Claire Vogtherr and Dr John Wakeman.

Donations to the trust are tax deductible – Download the Donation PDF

To make a bequest to the Iona College Foundation –  Download the Bequest PDF