Intermediate Moves – lock, stock and classrooms

The English Lockwood Classrooms Move to A New Location

Staff members, at work in the first week of the term 3 2012 school holidays, along with interested neighbours were treated to an  incredible display of great driving skill and maneuverability when the English Lockwood classrooms were moved to their new site.
Very little damage was done to shrubs and trees considering the task involved and everything seemed to go smoothly.
The classrooms were transported along the main driveway past the library and administration areas, around the tricky downhill bend beside the chapel past the sports centre and then taken up the grassed hill area and driven between the tennis courts and sports centre to the new site between the boundary fence and sports centre. The Year 7 & 8 Lockwood classrooms will also be moved to this site creating the new Intermediate teaching centre.  A selection of photos can be seen below.