Special Character

The Special Character Statement as contained in the Deed
of Integration is:

Iona College, a Year 7 to Year 13 school for girls, was established in 1913 by the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand to provide boarding facilities for girls from rural communities.

While it is interdenominational, the school provides education with a special character based on a sound and liberal education with the Protestant interpretation of the Christian faith as its base from buildings of a special and distinctive architectural character.

As a day and boarding school, integral to the special character is the unity of the day and boarding components achieved by offering a programme of religious, cultural and recreational pursuits in which all pupils are expected fully to participate.

The special character that arises from this contributes unique qualities to the learning environment of the school such as:

  • a strong moral code based on Christian standards and values is upheld.
  • all students, day and boarding, and their families, participate in extra-curricular activities both within and outside school hours.
  • students participate in all aspects of the school’s community life, including chapel, dining hall, sport and culture, whereby the Christian values expressed in the school’s motto of  “Love, Joy and Peace” instil the qualities of humility, understanding and tolerance.
  • students participate in the Religious Studies programme and the worshipping life of the school.

The Special Character is defined, preserved and administered through the Iona College Trust Deed by the appointed Trustees representing the Proprietors.

The Specific Aims of Iona College are:

  • To maintain a low student-teacher ratio which ensures every girl is known as a person and can be assisted on an individual basis as needed.
  • To provide students with school responsibilities from the moment of entry so that through these responsibilities they are encouraged to recognise the need for reliability, commitment, self-discipline and respect for others.
  • To provide a traditional but evolving House System which involves all students in sporting and cultural activities.  House spirit, co-operation and self-confidence will be developed through this involvement.
  • To offer a wide range of extra-curricular experiences which encourage sporting and cultural participation and appreciation, e.g. private speech, vocal and instrumental tuition, individual sports coaching, full participation in winter and summer sports activities, House and School drama productions, inter-school competitions, theatre-sports, debating, attendance at arts festivals, orchestral concerts, ballet, and national sporting fixtures.
  • To support Christian values and teaching as a regular part of everyday life with students participating in daily ecumenical Chapel services; exploring wider, contemporary issues of faith and theology in weekly Religious Education classes; serving the wider community (at local church fairs, in hospitals, through environmental groups etc) and providing opportunities for Christian stewardship through regular monetary offerings (sponsored children, Canteen, Guide dogs, Birthright etc)