Intermediate School

These two years provide an important foundation for a student’s educational journey.  In Years 7 and 8, students are encouraged to pursue their personal best, take responsible risks and explore the many opportunities available to them as they grow as both learners and people.  The Intermediate Department offers a caring, supportive environment in which this growth can happen.

Three classes of approximately 20 students each make up the Intermediate Department at Iona College.  Each class is a composite Year 7/Year 8 and approximately 35% of the students are either full or weekly boarders.  It is here that many students are first introduced to the vision, principles and values of school life at Iona.

2 girls walking backsWhile most of their programme is taught in an integrated manner, the students have access to specialist teachers and rooms for Music, Languages, Art, Physical Education, Oral Communication and Science.

Each student enjoys individual attention and expert teachers who are focused on learning for this age group.

The small class size ensures that we are aware of individual learning needs. These classes are also fully digital with students linking to the school’s learning network through their own laptops.

Students in Years 7 and 8 are very much a part of the school community and enjoy participation in all aspects of school life: chapel, assemblies, sports days and cultural activities.  They develop positive relationships with their peers, teachers and senior students through the House system.