Year 7 & 8 Students Rocky Shore visit and Learn about good study habits


On Friday 25th May Year 7 and 8 visited the Rocky Shore in Napier as part of their studies in Science this term.  Mrs Stafford, Mrs Joblin and a team from the National Aquarium in Napier worked with the students for the afternoon.  The students focussed on the different tidal zones and what creatures were found in each area.  As you can see from the photos it was a very successful afternoon and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Thanks to Mrs Stafford for organising this educational experience outside the classroom. 

“It was good to see the things we had been learning about for real.  I especially liked the sea slugs because they looked and felt really weird.” Anna, Year 8   


On Monday 28th May Year 7 and 8 participated in a Study Skills session with John Graham, RTLB (Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour).  The aim of the hour long sessions is to introduce students to good study ethics and allow them to understand how our brain works and what it needs to function effectively.  The students worked through a series of activities including: a quiz on the brain, mindmap about the brain, memory challenge, memory techniques and understanding how to use your brain effectively.  The students said the session was interesting and informative and they are looking forward to the next one in two weeks time.   Thanks to Mrs Kitiona for organising these sessions. 

“It was interesting and it was something we could all relate too.  We learnt about how you need a good amount of sleep and if that doesn’t happen it is difficult to focus and complete our work.”  Lucy, Year 8