Year 7 & 8 Students Visit Wellington

Parliament visit

Year 7 and 8 Wellington Trip 2013

 Earlier this term, the Year 7 and 8s travelled to Wellington on our much awaited 2013 school camp.  This trip is always one of the highlights during the students’ intermediate years and as you can see by the photos this camp proved to be no different!

A busy and jammed packed four days was enjoyed by all who journeyed south.  Some highlights included: The Wellington Circus Trust, Zealandia, Weta Cave, Wellington Zoo, Parliament and Te Papa.  The students thoroughly enjoyed managing themselves when budgeting for food and successfully looking after their personal belongings.  When asked what they had learnt from the trip:

It actually helped me to get to know my peers even more and it was so awesome to learn so much about how management and time is so important.  We should continue to go on this trip…and do the cost, budget and itinerary beforehand because that too me gave me such a good idea of how the trip was to work and was super fun as well!  – Jamie Mactaggart

To learn about all the different places we went to and to have fun but also self-manage. – Phoebe Williams

I reckon the point of the trip  was to not only have fun, but to find out about all these amazing places we have in New Zealand and to make us appreciate how much the people of our country have done. – Madi Whitfield
The behaviour and attitude of the students was absolutely fabulous and they were a brilliant group to take away. The quality of the venues and experiences offered were superb and we were very lucky to have such inspiring and passionate educators working with the students.

The pace of the trip did not leave much time for hijinks so bedtimes proved to be not as onerous as one would predict.

The parents: Kim Matches, Christel Jager, Glenn Manahi and Nici Haliburton deserve a huge thank you for their enthusiasm, participation and time.  There is no doubt that great staff, Mrs Kitiona, Mr Mogey and Ms Burge and parent helpers contribute to a wonderful trip, so I thank you very much.