Secondary School

Iona provides a holistic approach to learning.  Students know that academic, sporting, cultural, pastoral and spiritual dimensions are important parts of a balanced education.

In the words of Martin Luther King “intelligence plus character that is what education is all about.”

Years 9 and 10

Approximately 25 students begin their education at Iona College in Year 9 and most of these students are boarders.

In Years 9 and 10, students continue to build on their intermediate foundation and explore their abilities across the breadth and depth of the New Zealand Curriculum.  Key competencies are covered through all eight of the essential learning areas.

Learning at these levels usually takes place in two mixed ability form classes.  Teachers provide differentiated programmes which recognise individual student learning needs.  Positive relationships and authentic learning experiences help student engagement.  With class sizes no larger than 24, all students are encouraged and supported to take responsibility for their own learning.  The expectation from teachers is that every student will pursue her personal best.

Oral communication is compulsory and students learn a musical instrument as part of their core music programme.

Years 11-13

uniform inside In their senior years, students select more specialised courses and study towards the national qualification NCEA.  Iona offers a broad subject choice in these years.  Students at Years 11 and 12 study six subjects and Year 13 students focus on five subjects.  The average class size in the senior school is 10.

There are numerous pathways towards achieving NCEA and University Entrance, and the expectation is that students will remain at school until the completion of Year 13.  The senior Dean, careers adviser and teachers assist all students in maintaining a sense of continuity and clear direction in their study.  Student performance is carefully tracked to ensure that students are helped to fulfil their aspirations.

Students are in form classes until Year 12.  In Year 12 and 13 because of the size of the school, these students meet as year groups.  Leadership roles are divided among Year 12 and 13 students.