We need to teach the next generation of children that they are responsible for their lives.

Applying for a place at Iona is straightforward.

As a state integrated school, Iona College has operated an enrolment scheme  since 2005.

The school must maintain a maximum roll of 290 for 2015.

Simply follow the steps below to apply:

Step 1: Request an Application Pack

Email to request an application pack.

You may also request an application pack by contacting the school office on (06) 877 8149 or, if you are in the vicinity, you are welcome to visit the school office to collect one.

Step 2: Complete an Enrolment Application Form

Simply complete and return the Enrolment Application form that you received with the application pack or click here to download an application-for-enrolment

Step 3: The Enrolment Application form is received

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged.  Students are placed on the waiting list until they are contacted for an interview in Terms 1 or 2 prior to enrolment at the main intake points of Year 7 and Year 9.  Please note that applications are accepted throughout the year at all levels and these students will be contacted when a vacancy occurs.  Because there is competition for places, it is best to be on the waiting list as soon as possible.  Enrolling early puts you under no obligation and can avoid disappointment.

Step 4: Notification of a Place

Students are formally offered a place in writing and, for students in Years 7 and 9, notified of our Scholarship Day.

If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact the school office.