Years 7 – 12

Summer Uniform

(a) Day Uniform

  • Black tailored shorts
  • blue short sleeve summer shirt
  • black sandals (Roman or Kumfs Moritz) or black shoes (plain fronted lace-up shoes and black ankle socks or Kumfs Rhapsody dress shoes)
  • school cardigan when appropriate

(b) Dress Uniform (worn to school on Fridays and for out of school visits, village leave and chapel)
Years 7 and 8:

  • Black tailored shorts
  • white short sleeve monogrammed shirt
  • school tie, blazer
  • black lace-up shoes or Kumfs Rhapsody with black ankle socks

Years 9 – 12:

  • Black knee-length skirt
  • white short sleeve monogrammed shirt
  • school tie
  • blazer
  • black dress shoes (Kumfs Rhapsody)
  • ALL students must have a regulation panama hat

Winter Uniform

(a) Day Uniform

  • Brown tunic
  • blue long sleeve winter shirt
  • school tie
  • black opaque pantyhose (Years 7 and 8 may wear black ankle socks instead of pantyhose)
  • plain fronted black lace-up shoes or Kumfs Rhapsody dress shoes
  • School cardigan when appropriate

(b) Dress Uniform

  • Brown tunic
  • white long sleeve shirt
  • school tie
  • black opaque pantyhose and black dress shoes (Kumfs Rhapsody).  Years 7 and 8 wear black lace-up shoes
  • Blazer is worn with dress uniform when needed
  • Overcoat optional for day and dress wear

Sports Uniform

  • White/blue monogrammed shirt
  • navy shorts
  • navy skort
  • sky blue/navy tracksuit jacket
  • navy tracksuit pants
  • House polo shirt
  • sports socks as purchased from school
  • bucket hat
  • cap (optional)
  • navy school swimsuit
  • House swimming cap

Year 13

(a) Dress Uniform

  • Barbara Lee knee length black skirt
  • Year 13 Moana white drop collar shirt
  • Blazer
  • Senior tie
  • Black dress shoes (current style or Kumfs Rhapsody)
  • Black pantyhose in winter, optional in summer

(b) Day Uniform
Any combination of the following may be worn on day uniform days.  It is not an expectation that a student will have all of these items.  Students may choose to have only one set of day uniform items or to wear dress uniform every day.

  • Barbara Lee knee-length black skirt
  • Classical/plain/tailored black full length trousers.  Jeans are not permitted.
  • Plain black cropped pants (summer only)
  • Year 13 white, pale blue or royal blue ¾ sleeve shirt
  • Moana black zip cardigan
  • Filled in black shoes with low heel (summer and winter) or almost filled in black shoes with low heel and at least a heel strap (summer only) – flat ballet style shoes are not appropriate.
  • Black pantyhose worn with skirt in winter, optional in summer

All Levels

Jewellery and Nail Polish

A  plain watch (with name engraved on the back) and one pair of small plain gold or silver ear studs are permitted.  Earrings must be removed for sport.   Completely colourless nail varnish may be used for fingers and/or toes.


Hair which is longer than collar length must be tied back with brown or black hair ties.  Only brown or black hair clips are to be worn, no coloured clips.  Hair colour should be natural and must show no evidence of “regrowth”.

Where to buy

General Uniform is purchased at school except footwear; dress shoes are available from Kumfs in Havelock North.

Every item of clothing MUST be well named.