Old Girls

Iona Old Girls’ Association

The Iona Old Girls’ Association is an important part of life after Iona. Gathering of Old Girls occur around the country and a regular newsletter is published.

About Us

Enquiries can be directed through:

Iona College
42 Lucknow Road
Havelock North
Phone: 06 877 8149
Email: ioga@iona.school.nz

The aim of the Association is to provide a link for past pupils to maintain contact with each other and to cherish and enhance the traditions of the College.

We are constantly updating our database. Please send us your current email and postal address, if they have changed.

We would appreciate your help in reaching as many Old Girls as possible. (NB: They do not need to be members of the Old Girls’ Association.) In conjunction with this, please look at the list of ‘Lost Members’ on this website and let us know the whereabouts and/or contact details of any of these Old Girls.

Another aim of the Association is to increase our membership. We encourage our graduate students to become Life Members. We also encourage branches who haven’t met for a while to hold a gathering of some kind. We will also be encouraging members, where there isn’t a branch, to endeavour to start one.

On joining the Association you are presented with an IOGA badge, and will receive our annual newsletter and other relevant IOGA information, e.g. upcoming events.

To Join the Association  – Please download and complete this application form:   Application Form
If you are over 60 we have a special membership price. Click here to download your application for if you are over 60:  Over 60 Application Form

Please send us any news of yourself or other Old Girls that you would like included in the newsletter, e.g. births, marriages, deaths, what you are doing and your family news. We look forward to hearing from you.

To all Old Girls – “Please keep in touch with us and we will keep you in touch with each other.”


The Team

Penny Manahi (Duncan)
06 879 9426

Vice President:
Maree Apatu (Spence)
06 8773038

Shona Devescoyvi (McLeod)

Paula Richardson
06 870 6966



Barbara Laracy (Nisbett)
06 878 5446

Marie Renton (Tait)
06 874 9620

Cathy Blake (McKenzie)
06 876 8274

Kate Bates (Apatu)
06 844 3396

Heather Mabin
06 858 6176