Pastoral & Spiritual

There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend.

Academic life will always have its share of hard work and study but day to day school activity should be enjoyed not endured.  Iona grows the person and the learner while allowing individual personality to flourish.  Learning to confront life’s hurdles with humour and resilience has lasting value.

Iona encourages girls to be supportive of each other.  Peer support programme, peer tutoring and prep supervision provide opportunities for students to relate to and learn from each other in a meaningful way.

Student voice is valued and listened to at Iona.

A pastoral care team consisting of the Deputy Principal, Senior and Junior Deans, Chaplain and Director of Boarding ensures that good systems are in place to help deal with life’s ups and downs on a personal level.

Iona students learn to relate to others in meaningful ways, manage themselves and participate and contribute fully.