Living at Iona gives students not only the opportunity to develop into independent, resilient learners but also the benefit of forming strong, valuable friendships which may last a life time.

The Iona College Boarding House is home to 170 boarding students from Year 7 upwards.  As either full or weekly boarders, students enjoy a safe, secure, family environment under the care of the director of boarding  Ms Marianne McKnight, boarding and night supervisors.


Year 7 and 8 students occupy A and C corridors.  It contains individual, double and four-bed rooms.

Students in Years 9-12 occupy corridors E through L.  Each girl at these levels has her own separate bedroom space.

The Year 13 Gatehouse was originally the headmistress’s home but has been converted to more tertiary style hostel accommodation.  This allows better preparation for the transition from school to university life.  While meals can still be obtained from the dining room, the Gatehouse has its own kitchen where girls can cook for themselves over the weekend.

Each year level has its own sit, or common room, for socialising and communal living.  Each sit has comfortable couches, large mirrors, display boards and flat screen televisions with Sky educational programmes available.

Students take all their meals in the school dining room.  Meals are produced by the College chef and food services staff.  These nutritious meals are designed to provide a balanced diet for teenage girls.  The menu also caters for any special diets.  A continental self serve breakfast is followed by a smorgasbord lunch with a changing specialty dish of the day.  Dinner is a more formal table-served two course meal.  Afternoon teas and supper are also provided.

Laundry is collected from the students and washed and dried each day.  Named items are essential.

The students have the use of many of the school facilities: the swimming pool, playing fields, tennis courts, sports centre, library and chapel.


The senior students and academic staff supervise prep for Year 7- 11 students in classrooms five nights a week.  All girls have access to the school’s computers during prep time.  The school is fully networked with wireless internet and email access available.
Outings and shopping trips are organised regularly and appropriate leave is allowed, with parental approval, according to seniority.

Boarding Options


This option allows for seven day a week boarding.


Available to students who live closer to the school, weekly boarding means students may leave the boarding house on Friday after school and return on Monday morning before school starts.

Short Term Stays

The boarding house may be available to your daughter for short term stays.  These can range from one week to one month or even to a term.  This flexibility ensures your daughter’s education and her involvement in activities at school are not interrupted.

Mufti Clothing

Mufti items should be named with two labels, one of which should be sewn into an inconspicuous place.


Skirt and shirt with sleeves.  Simple dress, again with suitable sleeves, or knee length dress shorts.  (Singlet tops are not to be worn into the dining room).
Smart trousers or tidy unfaded jeans are also acceptable.


Warm trousers, tidy jeans and jumper.  Warm skirt and jumper.

As a general guide, mufti required by each boarder is:
Summer two skirts or dress shorts, 2-3 shirts or tops, one pair of trousers or tidy jeans, a warm cardigan/jersey.
Winter two winter skirts, two sweaters/jerseys/long sleeved shirts, one pair of trousers/tidy jeans, pantyhose, socks.
Sundays:  Many girls go out on Sunday and once away from school may wear clothes of their choice.  There is no definite rule about what is worn on Sundays except that it must be suitable for a school situation.  This means that beach clothes, very brief tops, very flimsy see-through materials are not acceptable and midriffs are not to be shown.


Shoes/sandals should be well fitted, have low heels and a heel strap or filled in back.  They should have quiet walking soles.  Jandals may be worn upstairs.
Students must wear footwear at all times when they are beyond their bedroom or shower.


Girls may wear a watch (with name engraved on the back) and any jewellery considered suitable for the occasion and one pair of earrings.