Student Voice

It’s the people that make the place.  At Iona you are surrounded by positive people who all want to help you achieve your best. Chelsea Year 12

What’s special to me about Iona is the atmosphere.  Everyone at Iona just has this incentive to push themselves to their full potential; it is extremely motivating.  Frances Year 13

The Room

There is an eerie glow as the light filters through the cracks in the wall, onto the bed.  Darkness seeps into every corner as the lonely matron calls, “Lights out”.  These words echo.  The only light that can be seen is from the small alarm clock nestled in a corner of the dressing table.  Girls chatter like chipmunks throughout the halls; gossip travels from girl to girl.  Last words are spoken for the night.
As the night ticks on the dark wooden room seems to close in.  Small grooves in the wood show the shadows.  The pictures on the wall that were once beautiful colours are now black and white.
The shoes drop their shadows onto the ground.  The bed has lost its shape.  The girls become silent as they slowly drift into a soft slumber.  Night is here.   Michelia Year 9

Our peaceful St Martin’s Chapel is a great place to reflect and prepare for a new day.  It is also a place to hear inspiring stories and messages that make you think outside the square. Emily Year 11

The boarding part is cool because you make lifelong friends and it’s a very homely environment. Tasmin Year 10

The teachers are friendly and support you in your ideas and help to bring the best out of you. Emma Year 9

Iona is a fun exciting school.  You make friends quickly.  Everyone is kind to you, especially the seniors.  Everyone includes you and makes you feel welcome. Emma  Year 8

Autumn in the Park

The last of the sunlight was fading, illuminating the trees caught between summer and winter. Their fiery leaves were gracefully drifting to the ground, covering it in a red and gold carpet. The upper branches had a wintry look to them.
I wasn’t the only person enjoying the park in all its colour. There was a lady walking her dog and children climbing all over the playground. Cries of, “Look at me Mum,” and “See what I can do!” drifted over to me on the cool evening air. “Be careful darling,”was heard a lot as well.
I wandered by the stream and along the darkening paths. All the plants had lost their leaves and the branches formed a roof, shutting out what light there was left. The gravel path crunched under foot as I turned for home. All the children had gone from the playground and I think the lady and her dog had decided it was too cold to stay outside. I agreed and crossed the street to my house. I glanced back as I went inside. The park no longer looked even remotely summery. The only season visible was winter with its dark, prominent shadows and sharp, cold air.   Jean-Louise Year 9