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2010 Leaders Inducted

On Monday February 8, the Year 12 leaders and the Year 13 Prefects were inducted into their roles at a special chapel service attended by the school and the leaders’ families.  Congratulations to :

Year 12 Leaders: Elsa Renton, Tiana Rutene, Leigh Dougas, Emma Kingston, Catherine Lawrence, Emily Mackie, Sacha Spurrier, Ashleigh Whitfield, Briellen Pryde, Isobel Ayers, Georgia Forde, Hannah Southcombe, Jane Lyons, Lucy Ross, Hannah Parnell and  Bridget Robertson

Year 13 Prefects: Head Girl   Chelsea Boyle 

House Prefects: Columba Hannah Harty Fraser Katelyn Hardie  Gartan  Natalie Rose  McNeil  Lara Wilcox
Committee Prefects: Service Teresa Stratton  Chapel Natalie Kitto  Sport  CarolineMcHardy  Junior Natazia McKee  Culture  Aimee Cowan

Head Girl Chelsea Boyle with her parents

Head Girl Chelsea Boyle with her parents