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Fun times at the ‘Herewood’ social

   Herewood sign

On Friday 18th June, Year 7 and 8 students attended the Hereworth Formal Dance.  This dance has been held annually for at least 50 years!  It is the highlight of the social calendar for our department.  After having up to four dance lessons with Weslie Bayliss and Mrs Chalmers the girls raced home on Friday afternoon to prepare for the event. 

Social fun

Dance floor







Wow!  Our girls looked stunning!  This year’s theme was ‘Herewood’ and even included a red carpet entrance and paparazzi on arrival. As usual the Hereworth Parents and Friends Committee had decorated the school hall marvelously.  Just incredible! 

Supper was served following the supper waltz performed by the live band.  The girls enjoyed the food and drinks enormously.

Happy times at the social

Emma Knight, Georgia Smith and Katelyn Biss from year 8 had obviously worked hard  and listened carefully during the dance lessons as they made the final of the quickstep competition.  Rebecca Boyd made the final of the Year 7 quickstep competition.  Well done to these girls and their partners. 
Another very successful night, enjoyed by all.  Thanks so much to Hereworth, we are looking forward to next year already!