Sporting Opportunities

Sport at Iona College is a very important aspect of the school’s special character.

The philosophy behind having such an extensive sporting programme is three-fold:

  • to promote an individuals desire to be physically active, lead a healthy lifestyle and strive towards fulfilling individuals potential. To foster enjoyment, social competencies, development of fitness and self-confidence through physical activity
  • to provide the opportunity to participate and experience a range of sports, be active and develop a range of life-long physical and social skills
  • to encourage and nurture excellence for teams and individuals

Providing the “opportunity to participate and excel” means that we have an incredible number of teams involved in competitions in an extensive range of sports

While participation in sport is compulsory for Year 7 & 8 boarders and all Year 9-12 students, we endeavour to have the flexibility within the programme to allow students to pursue excellence in sports offered outside the school and other physical activities.

The social skills gained by participating and contributing to a team are invaluable.  Additionally, the confidence gained by students to continue physical activity beyond their schooling life is worthwhile for a healthy lifestyle

Sports that are on offer at IONA College:

Tennis Netball Tennis Coaching
Track & Throwing Athletics Hockey Yoga
Swimming Football Tae Kwon Do
Softball Badminton Twilight Netball
Cricket Basketball  Rowing
Volleyball Running  Summer Hockey
Touch Rugby Skiing  Futsal
Cricket Coaching
 Rock Climbing

Students who have passion in other sporting areas are also able to pursue them in negotiation with the Sports Department.

Nic Harty






Mrs Nic Harty is the Sports’ Director at Iona College.

The Sports’ Co-ordinator is Mrs Gail Hall.  The  Sports’ Department work tirelessly to ensure the safe delivery of sport.  The  Sports’ department’s slogan is “Lift Your Game”

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