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Intermediate Quad Results

Results,  2011 Yr 7 & 8 Winter Quad hosted by Carncot

A good day on Thursday, although very wet at the end! Our girls played well and we were just pipped at the post with only 1 point in it!

Netball A -1st St George’s, 2nd Iona, 3rd Woodford, 4th Carncot
Netball B -1st Carncot, 2nd St George’s, 3rd Woodford, 4th Iona
Hockey – 1st Iona, 2nd Carncot, 3rd Woodford, 4th St George’s
Football – 1st Woodford, 2nd= Iona and St George’s, 4th Carncot

Final Results
1st=, Woodford and St George’s (25 points)
3rd, Iona (24 points)
4th, Carncot (22 points)