Fee Information – 2024

Fees are calculated on an annual basis and charged in four instalments, as detailed below. Fees are reviewed annually by the College Council. Changes normally take effect from the beginning of Term 1. 

​​​​​​​DAY GIRL

Attendance Dues (includes GST)


Midday meal – linked to CPI (includes GST)


Medical room charge


Per term



Boarder (Weekly and Full)

Attendance Dues (includes GST)


Boarding charge (includes GST)


Medical room charge


​​​​​​​Per term ​​​​​​​



Special Character donation (zero rated for GST purposes)


Building Works donation (zero rated for GST purposes)




Per term





Overnight stay (dinner, bed & breakfast)


* Attendance dues
Please note: The full year’s balance of attendance dues ($1,840.00) is charged at the beginning of the year rather than on a termly basis.

** Day girls’ midday meals
At Iona, the sharing of the midday meal around a table by day girls and boarders acts as a unifier, and the dining room is a place of community. This event is also an important aspect in maintaining the Special Character of Iona, and for this reason, all day girls participate. In addition to the provision of a delicious and nutritious lunch with multiple choices, the cost of day girl lunches also provides fresh fruit at morning tea and freshly baked biscuits, slices, cakes or fruit for afternoon tea and special events such as Christmas Dinner. All dietary requirements are catered for.

​​​​​​​Special Character Donation
The Special Character contribution, set and collected by the Proprietors, some of which is passed on to the Board of Trustees to enable them to provide additional service and enhancements (not provided by state schools) which directly benefit our students.

Our Special Character provides for:

  • Small class sizes which offer students a personalised education through the development of expertise, self-esteem and confidence. Iona employs teachers in excess of the entitlement provided by the Ministry of Education. This extra expense is funded entirely by the College.
  • The considerable ongoing maintenance costs to the buildings and the replacement of assets owned by the Proprietors, which are not totally funded by the Operations Grant the College receives from the Government.
  • Worship each morning in St Martin’s, the College chapel, and ongoing pastoral care. The College promotes a culture of respect for self and others based on traditional Christian principles.
  • Maintaining and improving the College’s twenty‑seven acres of sports fields, grounds and beautiful gardens.

Building Works Contribution
The Building Works contribution is collected by the Proprietors and provides for:

  • The ongoing Earthquake Strengthening Programme to upgrade the older school buildings so they comply with the safety standards of the current building code.
  • New facilities such as the recently completed state-of-the-art Information Resource Centre and Science Laboratory.

Donation Certificate

The Special Character and Building Works contributions donations are paid to the Proprietors every term. An acknowledgment is provided on the statement following the date paid. The donations / contributions qualify for a tax credit with Inland Revenue. A Donation Tax Credit from the Proprietor is provided to parents in late April each year.

Payment of Fees
Fees are payable one term in advance to the College's Proprietors and should be paid on receipt of the statement sent at the start of each term. The College Council (Proprietor) is willing to consider reasonable requests for more flexible fee payment arrangements which might be helpful to some families.

It is the constant concern of the Iona College Council to minimise increases in costs while at the same time honouring their commitment to providing the highest quality of education.

Reduction for Sisters
Where one parent or guardian is paying for two or more sisters who are students at the same time, a discount of 5% will apply and will be deducted from the standard fee content (not meals, medical charges and similar costs) at the time the account is rendered by the College Council (Proprietor).

Personal Disbursements
Parents will receive a monthly account for their daughter’s personal expenses, e.g. stationery, additional resource books, admission charges for extra-curricular trips, bus/taxi fares and drycleaning.

A doctor/nurse practitioner visits the school twice a week and a nurse is available 8.00am - 12.00pm Monday - Friday during term time. Charges for this service will be placed on your account.


Advice of notice of withdrawal from the College or discontinuance of co-curricular tuition is required in writing to the Principal one full term in advance of the effective date. One term’s Boarding fees are payable in lieu of one term’s notice being given.