I learnt many valuable lessons at Iona

​​​​​​​My name is Priyanit Jindapadungrat and I went to Iona College for five years, from Year 9 through to Year 13. During my years at Iona, I learned to excel in all areas; academic, sporting, cultural and social. I met amazing girls whose friendships, I’m sure, will endure for life. The teachers at Iona are incredibly helpful and friendly, creating a rich learning environment in the classroom.

When I started in Year 9, academic achievement was the most important thing to me. However, my years at Iona taught me that being a well-rounded person is just as important. As well as receiving excellence endorsement in NCEA, I participated in many other extra-curricular activities including badminton, debating, speech exams, voluntary work and I represented young people of Hawke’s Bay as a Hasting Youth Council representative. All of this showed my resilience and understanding of others, qualities that set me apart from the other candidates for my university programme and helped me gain a place in the joint medical programme between Nottingham University and Srinakharinwirot University.

As a boarder, I learnt to take care of myself and to live and share common space with other girls. It’s also very important that I mention how good the food is at Iona, food is very important for teenage girls.

In Year 13, students live in the “gate house” which is a separate house for Year 13 students, where we have a taste in flatting, cooking for ourselves on the weekends and being able to be responsible for our own washing. This was certainly one of the highlights of my last year at school.

All in all, I had an amazing experience and learned many valuable lessons at Iona College.

Priyanit Jindapadungrat (Chacha) Year 13, Thailand