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Applying for a place at Iona is straightforward. Simply enrol online.

Once received, we will acknowledge your application and place you on the waiting list.

Due to the high demand for places, we recommend you enrol as early as possible. Please note that it is not necessary to provide preference information (linkage with Iona College's Special Character) when you pre-enrol your daughter.
​​​​​​​This information is only required in the year preceding the year of commencement. You may review the guidelines for 'What Constitutes Preference' applications below.   

For further enquiries, please contact the Director of Enrolments E:


Several scholarships are available which offer grants to assist students in their education.

Entry level scholarships will be awarded as a result of examinations held on Scholarship Day at Iona each year and will only be paid while the recipient is a student at Iona College.

No student can be awarded more than one entry level scholarship.


The Iona College Council aims to honour their commitment to providing the highest quality of education for our girls.

The College operates under a four term year.

All fees stated are on a per term basis.

​​​​​​​Enrolment Scheme

Iona College is required by the Ministry of Education to follow an Enrolment Scheme and work within a capped roll of students. This scheme classifies students as preferential or non-preferential and then sets out priorities within each classification.

Day girls must reside within a designated “reasonably convenient” area. Please refer to the Boundary of Area For Day Students Map. This area is that part of Hastings and Napier bounded by:

  • The Esk River in the North through to Hill Road

  • Hill Road to the junction of Seafield Road

  • Seafield Road to Puketitiri Road including Avery Road

  • Puketitiri Road west to the junction of Apley Road

  • Apley Road south to the junction of Dartmoor Road

  • Dartmoor Road east to the junction of Vicarage Road

  • Vicarage Road south to Omarunui Road

  • Omarunui Road west to Swamp Road including Moteo Pa Road and Moteo Marae Road

  • Swamp Road south to the junction of Taihape Road including Omarunui Settlement Road and Pirau Road

  • Taihape Road west to the junction of Matapiro Road including Kawera Road

  • Matapiro Road south to the junction of Omapere Road

  • Direct line from the southern end of Omapere Road to the Maraekakaho Stream/Kereru Road junction

  • Kereru Road east to State Highway 50

  • State Highway 50 south to the junction of Whakapirau Road

  • Whakapirau Road south to Raukawa Road

  • Raukawa Road east to the junction of Burma Road

  • Burma Road east to State Highway 2

  • State Highway 2 north to the junction of Poukawa Road

  • Poukawa Road east to Douglas Road

  • Douglas Road east to Middle Road including all of Douglas Road

  • Middle Road south to the junction of Rowe Road

  • Rowe Road to the end

  • Direct line from the southern end of Rowe Road east to the junction of MacKenzie Road and Kahuranaki Road including MacKenzie Road

  • Direct line from the McKenzie Road/Kahuranaki Road junction down to the southern end of Waipoapoa Road, east to the southern end of Te Apiti Road North then directly east to the coast.​​​​​​​

Click here to view the Enrolment Scheme.

Non-preference places

If all preferential applicants for daygirl places can be enrolled, the College is able to enrol a limited number of non-preference students (up to 5% of the maximum number of students in any one year or 15 students). Among non-preference students, priority will be given to those girls who are accepted in the College Boarding House. Other non-preference students will be selected by ranking them in order of closeness to the College.