Mindfulness is a skill for wellbeing which is taught at Iona College.

Mindfulness can help young people improve focus and reduce stress, supporting them to foster positive relationships and develop ​​​​​​​academic excellence.

Students in the Intermediate School (Year 7/8) complete the Pause, Breathe, Smile programme from Mindfulness Education Group NZ, and students in Year 9 complete the .b programme (pronounced dot-be) from the Mindfulness in Schools Project UK.

​​​​​​​Here are the 8 lessons from the Pause, Breathe, Smile programme:

  • Lesson 1: Introducing core mindfulness practices for mind-body integration

  • Lesson 2: Exploring happiness and learning how our actions impact wellbeing

  • Lesson 3: Using creative role-play for looking at the world with the important wellbeing and learning characteristics of curiosity and interest

  • Lesson 4: Recognising that emotions are felt in the body and learning how to self-regulate with mindfulness

  • Lesson 5: Learning about the brain and how to settle scattered and unhelpful thinking

  • Lesson 6: Fostering kindness and compassion toward self and others

  • Lesson 7: Exploring the relationships between self, others and the natural world

  • Lesson 8: This lesson encourages student reflection, group sharing, and an agreement to continue fostering presence, kindness and curiosity in the classroom

Here are the 10 lessons from the .b programme:

  • Introduction: what is mindfulness and its benefits

  • Lesson 1: Training our faculty of attention

  • Lesson 2: Recognising different mind states and learning how to calm our minds

  • Lesson 3: Recognising and managing worry

  • Lesson 4: Mindful eating, and cultivating present moment awareness and considered responses to difficulties

  • Lesson 5: Cultivating mindful movement, mindfulness in sport and music, and bringing mindfulness into daily activities

  • Lesson 6: Observing our thoughts and developing strategies for coping with difficult thoughts

  • Lesson 7: Understanding stress and how to cope with difficult emotions

  • Lesson 8: Understanding and practising gratitude

  • Lesson 9: Summary and continuity