The Intermediate School forms a very important phase between Primary and Secondary School
where we help girls to bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood.

This is a time when students question their sense of identity and how they fit into the world.

In this vital stage of development, the Intermediate School empowers girls to foster positive relationships with all members of our community.

They build a strong sense of their self-worth and character. As the girls progress through the Intermediate School so does their ability to self-regulate, and to be their own advocates. In essence, we are teaching them the foundation skills for a lifetime of learning. Their personal journey will be as individual and unique as they are.

Our approach in the Intermediate School is driven by students’ curiosity about the world around them. Our model recognises that the meaning of ‘knowing’ has shifted from being able to remember and repeat information to being able to use a range of resources to locate and use it.

Our classes have an inquiry-based learning focus which encourages a student’s natural desire to discover, understand, form patterns, collaborate, pose and solve problems together and make connections with the world around them – all within a secure, supportive and understanding environment.