Iona has been transformed across its history, but our Special Character – and the essence of
what it is to be an Iona girl – has remained unchanged.

We all love to belong to something bigger than ourselves. Iona is a girls boarding school like no other, our special character defines those
qualities which will guide our girls through life. This Special Character comprises a number of unique aspects, intertwined through the life
​​​​​​​of our College.

St Martin's Chapel  

St Martin’s Chapel sits at the centre of our beautiful College and is the spiritual heart of our College community. It is where the students and staff gather each morning; coming together to worship, to share community news, to celebrate and sometimes to just to be still and observe a time for reflection.

Our College Chaplain is supported by a Chapel Prefect and Year 12 Chapel Leaders. These students take responsibility for the smooth running of school gatherings in the Chapel. The Chaplain and Chapel Prefect are also supported by a Worship Team; students who wish to be readers and participants in the weekly worship services.

Several special services are held annually at St Martin’s including the ‘Big Weekend In’ Service which marks the beginning of each new school year for boarders, and Founders’ Day, Evening Services, Grandparents’ Day and Carol Services all provide opportunities for our Old Girls and the wider community to join together in worship. 

Religious Studies  

Religious Studies is compulsory from Years 7-12. Students attend a class for one period every six-day cycle. The curriculum is flexible to enable a strong link with other appropriate curriculum subjects and to respond to community, national or world affairs.

There is a strong emphasis on relationships, for it is through our relationships with others, we see God most clearly. Positive and empowering relationships are so important that most faiths don’t simply suggest we treat others well; they command it. We see this in the ‘The Golden Rule’; the principle of treating others as you want to be treated.

Our students are encouraged to live ‘The Golden Rule’ as they focus on topics and themes such as personal character, respect, empathy, confidence in communication, human rights, diversity, values, and taking action through service.

Community Service  

Our service programme at Iona College encourages our students to engage their head, heart and hands as they learn the importance of making a positive difference in the community and how small actions can greatly enrich the lives of others.

The aim is to connect the head and the heart through the experience of walking with people who, simply through life’s chance, have not been granted the privileges that some of us share.

Iona Girls are willing and active participants in meaningful service activities in the wider community. At each year level, Religious Studies students participate in a service option where they ‘give back’ or share with their wider community. 


Love Joy Peace  

The motto is derived from The Fruit of the Holy Spirit, a biblical term that sums up nine attributes of a person or community living in accord with the Holy Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23.
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control

Our school motto, Love, Joy, Peace.  It is to be found in all relationships and can be seen in all aspects of College life, from Chapel to curriculum, staff to student, P.E. to performance.

It is the Love of neighbour, Love of knowledge, Love of Service. It deliberately expresses itself in loving ways and always strives for the wellbeing of others.

It is the Joy found in friendships, the Joy in the learning process, the Joy of accomplishment, and the joy experienced with others through acts of service, of caring and compassion.

It is the Peace that looks for a resolution to conflict, as well as wholeness and harmony with God, ourselves, and others.
​​​​​​​A life of peace is safe and secure, spiritually, physically, and mentally and offers hope for a bright future.

We believe a well-rounded education embraces academic, sporting, cultural and spiritual elements – these are Iona’s cornerstones.

Excellent schools are committed to learning, to justice, individual achievement and wholeness. These qualities are embedded firmly in Iona’s Presbyterian heritage. Our College offers outstanding academic opportunities for girls within the context of the Protestant interpretation of the Christian faith. Iona was founded by the Presbyterian Church, but is an inter-denominational college – we welcome students from all backgrounds.

The Founders of Iona had a vision for a school with a sound, liberal educational philosophy: one that placed young women at the centre of learning. As society evolves, so too will our concept of a sound and liberal education, but it will continue to be based on a foundation that rewards curiosity, nurtures a love of learning, and inspires our students to achieve excellence.