Iona girls develop skills, values and confidence that allow and encourage them to take charge of
​​​​​​​their lives, now and into the future.

The openly-stated goal of an Iona education – Empowering Girls for Life – represents an inspirational position and an aspirational
​​​​​​​ outlook. We want our girls to unleash their potential not only during their years at school but well beyond.​​​​​​​

This sentiment has defined Iona since it began teaching girls over 100 years ago. Our purpose is to encourage our girls to embrace their
education wholeheartedly, to see them emerge with vision and optimism, preparing them to take their place as confident and
​​​​​​​ compassionate young women who are driven to make a difference wherever they choose to live and work.

Iona girls don’t just have equal opportunities – they have every opportunity

Whether it’s to make discoveries, learn a language, acquire new skills or attain new goals. Our girls hold every leadership position – in the classroom, on the stage and on the sports field.

Iona College aims to provide academic opportunities without compromise. We nurture independence and imagination by providing the environment where students are free from gender stereotyping, allowing girls to participate in individual self-expression more freely and, as a result, build a sense of their own identity.

​​​​​​​Single-sex schools are also known to foster stronger relationships between staff and students, allowing our girls to openly engage with teachers to find ways to persevere in order to reach their goals.

An all-girls school is a learning environment dedicated to girls and without social pressures from boys, where girls engage in more healthy competition and risk-taking – skills that are advantageous for leadership and life success.