Life’s lessons are learnt in – and beyond – the classroom.

Iona’s extensive range of co-curricular experiences in sports, culture and the arts, encourage leadership, teamwork and personal growth. Our girls are able to explore new opportunities and confidently express themselves as ​​​​​​​individuals.

We have a vibrant programme of  outdoor learning  opportunities that build our girls’ appreciation for both the natural world and environment, and importantly – for themselves.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award programme is offered to girls from the age of 14.

It is a part of a worldwide network that provides young people with a balanced, non-competitive programme of individual challenge through which they can make constructive use of their leisure time.

The Award programme provides a framework for personal discovery and growth through Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journeys: developing perseverance, responsibility to self and to the community. Individuals or organisations can use this framework, with its three levels, to provide individual challenge and achievement for young people between the ages of 14 and 25.

The flexibility of content within the programme structure, and the national and international recognition that the Award attracts make it an effective and challenging opportunity for young people with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. Increasingly, employers and interviewers are recognising the Award as an indicator of responsibility and achievement.