Iona has survived wartime, the force of a 7.9 earthquake, the deprivation of the depression years to thrive today as
​​​​​​​an integrated boarding and day school for girls with a full roll of 300 students.


“We study the past to understand the present; we understand the present to guide the future.” – William Lund

Opened in 1914, Iona College is the oldest Presbyterian School in New Zealand. It was established as a girls’ boarding school built on land donated by Mr Hugh Campbell. In its infancy, Iona developed very quickly and prospered under the leadership of Miss Isabel Fraser, the founding headmistress, who offered her services free for the first five years.


The Railene Mabin Heritage Room is a place where students and visitors can experience the history of Iona beautifully displayed in a traditional setting.

Once the old Library, the Heritage Room is a recent conversion into a beautifully proportioned room which is home to 100 years of Iona’s history – and the culmination of Railene Mabin, our dedicated archivist’s more than 20 years of work.

The Heritage room emits a sense of connection with those who have made their mark in the past along with the decision makers of today and into the future.


Our four school houses embody the spirit of Iona – the giving of one’s all, making the most of every opportunity and a willingness to make a positive contribution, all while fostering friendship and healthy competition.

The sense of belonging and co-operation permeates all school activities, and nowhere is it more evident than in our House system. All girls are assigned a house on their arrival at Iona, and here they develop friendships and support across year groups and between boarders and day girls, school and house spirit, teamwork and leadership skills, and have great fun in competition with the other houses.